About Us

First, thank you for checking out my GEAUX Hammock website! GEAUX Hammocks are made with components purchased from American companies and are sewn in North Louisiana and the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. If you are curious what GEAUX  is, read on.  

The GEAUX Hammock Story

GEAUX Hammock was created out of two passions that I have had since my earliest childhood memories: camping and making things.

On the many camping trips I have been on, I would spend hours thinking of ideas and working on ways that would make camping easier and more comfortable. Once, I made a homemade air conditioner out of an ice chest some copper tubing and a fan.

While camping was my favorite hobby, there was one major problem, and that was sleeping on the ground. I tried blow up mattresses, self inflating pads and cots but nothing was really comfortable. And the tent! In Louisiana, they call a tent in the summer an outdoor oven! Did I mention the homemade air conditioner?

So I set out to find a way to make my family’s outdoor experience more comfortable.

Enter the hammock

The first hammock I made, I took on a camping/canoe trip with my son’s Boy Scout troop and I have never slept so good on a camping trip in my life! After that camping trip, I was, shall we say, very enthusiastic about the hammock. I would talk to anybody and everybody about how awesome the hammock was. I also found that hammocks were not just for camping. I started keeping one in my vehicle and I would hang it anytime I could. I would hang it and watch my son play baseball, hang it at a highway rest area for a quick nap on a long trip; I have even installed one in our guest bedroom! I guess I was so passionate about the hammock that other people started asking me to make them. I had made and sold quite a few hammocks when I realized there might be a market for my hammock. So, I called a family meeting and asked them to help me come up with a name for my hammock.



It is probably important to note that I am not originally from Louisiana. I came to Louisiana to go to college and never left but my wife is a Louisiana girl through and through. What was her idea for the hammock name? “GEAUX Hammock”, which is a very Louisiana way to spell “go hammock”. In Louisiana, GEAUX represents extreme passion and a strong belief in something. In my case, it is hammocks.

So here I am, just a normal husband and father who happens to be very passionate about GEAUX Hammocks. Try one out and you will understand!

Don’t you wanna GEAUX?

Clark Smith
GEAUX Hammock